Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saints Alive!!

Alot been going on for me these past couple weeks. Received a call from Healthpartners about a possible job opening. They are opening a new clinic on 40 something Chicago and so did a phone interview with them. Then Park Nicollet called me about 2 openings at 28 to 32 hours which is doable. Did the same with them and they asked me out for a face to face. Very positive except my mouth went dry which makes it hard to talk but my answers were right on and they ended it with a nickel tour. Really hopeful even though it's in Eagan.
Then Karen called me about her summer "bucket list". She needed to go to a Saints game so we went Friday night. Had a blast and they won in the 11th inning. Tried to get a pic with the mascot (that would make 3 different ones so far) but so many kids there. The only "downer" was two kids behind Karen and myself. One was a preteen that must be a die-hard fan screaming through every hit and singing through every song in between innings and a 5 yr-old behind me occasionally kicking my backside. We took a break to get a hot dog and frozen lemonade and got back just in time for the 7th inning stretch and the preteen doing the macareena song. Unfortunately I didn't have any Ritalin with me. All in all we really had fun, parking was very easy to maneuver with all the tail-gaiters and the firewords were something beyond fantastic and that's putting it mildly. Enjoy the pics!
scoreboard in the 1st
mascot pigs
Gert the Flirt

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