Friday, April 26, 2013

Seattle in April

Seattle skyline from the Space Needle 
Went to Seattle on the 18th for our 32nd wedding anniversary. Only could stay a couple days and of course it rained both days. Came back on a "red eye" midnight their time. I have 4 cousins that live there but I only relate to one primarily since we are about 15 months apart in age and spent more of our growing up years together than with the other 3.

Pike's Market
We did have some fun in spite of the rain. Went up the Space Needle. Not worth the $20 bucks but got some great shots thru the rain of the landscape.  Also always enjoy Pike's Market.

Pike's Market

Vendor at Pike's Market
The Music Museum on the other hand was also 20 bucks and well worth the money.
My oldest son tells me that Seattle is the home of grunge music and it showed at this museum. Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Nurvana to name a few that were highlighted.

One of Jimi Hendrick's guitars

It was an incredible experience and would highly recommend it if you ever get to the Seattle downtown area.

We stayed outside the downtown and took their light rail in. Took about a half hour to get there. Ate dinner at a great place with two of my cousins. Had more fun watching these white hatted chefs yell out menu orders amid the flying spatulas and flaming grills. Just like Ramsey of Hell's Kitchen minus the swearing and they even posed for me when I wanted to snap a pic of them. Unfortunately there was a glitch in my camera and so didn't get one that turned out.  Below is the lobby with 700 instruments, mostly guitars (there is a girl on the right of it to compare the size it was.

 Some of the album covers along the viewing area of the Music Museum. They also had a section highlighting the history of leather jackets, all kinds from movies. I didn't take any pics of that section because I'm not "into" leather jackets. Also was a room with guitars dating from the late 1800s to the present. You could hear the story behind each guitar and then hear a 30 sec spot of how it sounds.
 Elliot Bay waterfront
 Something magical and a very common site to see a very small tugboat pulling a very large barge. Goodbye Seattle till we meet again!