Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

Michael and I have a couple that we bike and fellowship with through church whose husband is a 3rd year art student. This year he is studying portrait painting with oils. He was sharing his love of that particular mediam over Sunday brunch with us and stated he was looking for subjects to paint. He would pay his subjects $8.00 an hour. They usually get people through running an ad in the paper, sometimes having them wear certain outfits, etc. Being as my work schedule was reduced to nothing at the time, I volunteered thinking it might be fun. I had no idea what goes into a painting! My job was to sit on a chair that was on a short table and stare at an object out the window for 22 minutes without moving. He would set a kitchen timer which would allow me 7 minute breaks as well between sittings. Sounds easy, no?? It's wasn't. I kept falling asleep after about 15 minutes. I found it very hard. I did have a walkman to listen to and found that classical music was the only form of music that kept me awake. Don't ask my why. One would think talk radio would do it but that had no effect. It took approximately 2 months. I had to always wear the same clothes and the chair was marked so that it was always in the same place. We also would do it at the same time of day so the rays from the sun through the window would be the same each time or close to it. His teacher would stop each day and give him ideas on how to improve each part. I never thought my hair had so many hues or that my blue eyes actually have green tones in them. I thought I looked to serious and a bit too old but then I'm a difficult critic when judging myself.
Last week was the final spring showing of the artists work. There are approximately 50+ artists at various stages of development of their art. Dan did a great job and even though it was hard and I wouldn't do it again, I found it was a wonderful learning experience of which I am proud to have taken part in. I'm including a shot of Dan with Michael in front of a self-portrait Dan is working on. (Sorry about the body portrait behind me. Hope nobody's offended. It is one of the subject art forms used for some of the students)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Since not everyone is on Facebook that reads my blog I thought I better cover the latest addition to the family. His name is Bandit, the name of which I'm still not fixed on yet but it's okay. I wanted to call him Louis or Louie after my favorite western author Louis Lamour. We then considered Hunter but even though he is a hunting variety of English Setter he will never hunt. Then we thought about Dupont since he lives on Dupont Avenue but then we would probably end up calling him Dewey and we thought that maybe my good friend Myra wouldn't appreciate that. I thought about Ranger after The Lone Ranger since he also had a mask and was a good guy and a bandit is usually not a good guy but then our little guy is not a good guy yet since he is not quite housebroken and likes to nibble on tender fingers with his needle sharp teeth and steal my small kitchen towels that hang off of my refrigerator. However he has his good points too. He is a very cuddly type and loves to be held. If he is tired from all his shenanigans and you rub his chest very gently he falls asleep in your arms. He considers me his meal ticket since I'm the one that feeds him and rescues him from his kennel most days and when he goes in another room he sometimes thinks he's alone in the house and cries for me even though all he has to do is come into the room I'm in.

They tell me he will be bigger than Comet but then that's okay since it's more to love.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Will You Still ...When I'm Sixty-Four (or 90)

Sorry my blog has taken so long to post but Google shut us down for maintenance reasons. Anyway, I thought I'd slip a "long lifer" blog post to cheer any of you that think life is a bummer when you reach old age. My Uncle Norman turned 90 last week and when one of his kids posted his picture on her blog I felt compelled to as well. After all, turning 90 doesn't happen every day. I came to realize that I really don't know that much about him but the things I do know I'll share. He was born in Duluth and has one sister, my mom. He is from Scottish descent having the last name Cameron. He had a band when he was a teenager and played the trumpet. Even though he wasn't close to my mom growing up he is now. He calls her every Sunday without fail. He calls me about once a month. Yesterday he called to say that his son bought a van that his Little Rascal fits into so he can go to church. I thought he was going to burst through the phone. He spends every Mother's Day with his kids and they go to the horse races in the Seattle area. Life has been kind to him especially since his mind is still pretty sharp. So if you are ever in the Seattle area and run into an elderly Scottish gentleman riding a red Little Rascal that looks like the picture on this post say hi for me and btw, don't forget to throw him a salute: he also served his country during World War II as an Air Force "Radar Man" in China.