Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yes Virginia (I mean Christine) there is a Santa Claus

I visited Santa every year. I wish I could remember what I told him. Maybe it would help me to understand who I am today from what I thought was important back then. Even though Santa was important so was Jesus. Sunday school at the Lutheran church told me the real reason for the season and so I enjoyed both even though at the tender age of 8 I thought it was more fun drinking the fruit punch and coloring the baby Jesus and the three wise men. Santa was fun to because I got to spend time with my mom going downtown, riding the elevators with the lady who pulled the door across and let us out on the floor where Santa was. Then we'd go over to a place called The Forum where we had chicken pot pie and red jello. Then on to Woolworths drug store for chocolate soda's. I was in Dairy Queen awhile ago and asked for one and they didn't know what they were or how to make them. What's the world coming to??

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Party, Hardy!!

My favorite thing about Christmas is Christmas parties. I usually never get invited to any but since Michael has been at NW Airlines there is a fellow employee that enjoys it as much as I do and has one every other year. There is usually about 12 of us including spouses and she always plans it as a brunch. We all bring a dish to share and we sometimes play a game or just visit. This year there were children invited so we played a game and included them. it was great fun. I hope to someday return the favor and have one of my own. Maybe next year. The picture is of the NW group of adults that were there. The hostess is down in front with the brown slippers. Lovely person inside and out!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dostoevsky wasn't there but it was still enjoyable!

A friend and I went to the Russian Museum on Diamond Lake Road and 35W last week. It use to be a funeral home and someone bought and renovated it turning it into a museum of Russian art. I thought it was a dumb idea. I was wrong. I had heard it was very interesting but didn't have my hopes up. It was quite memorable and not because I love hardwood floors and dark quiet places. It had two levels of art pieces some so big that it was better seen from across the room. They also had a special showing of Russian nesting dolls which was fabulous. All the artwork was told with the artists thoughts on the piece and many covered the Industrial Revolution and was explained and expressed through art. The basement rooms had a display of photographic art that proved to be most interesting as well.I paid a dollar for a booklet that gave me each story behind the photos. Again, very interesting. Well worth the $5.00 bucks to get in. I would recommend it to everyone. Don't miss out on an excellent day of education in the art world!