Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Right Place at the Right time

Haven't had much to blog about since I work so much now. I posted something on Facebook and thought I'd add it here for all you non-Facebook users. About 2 months ago Michael and I went on a mini vacation through Iowa and Wisconsin. I always take my camera with just in case of a good shot of something. My favorite thing to do is find something to photograph that is completely spontaneous. We were headed home when we went through this little town called Mifflin, Wisconsin. One of those places one has to look quick to see it. Anyway, I saw these elderly people sitting in this park on some swings and I just HAD to turn the car around to catch a pic of them reliving their childhood. It was so fun. The other picture I have taken recently was taken in Indiana about 3 months ago when Michael and I were in Indiana. My two youngest were playing frisbee golf with Michael's uncle in a park in Crawfordsville, Indiana and while waiting for them I saw these kids come toward me. It was about 95 in the shade and they had been swimming in a creek that ran through the park. They begged me to take their picture. I didn't want to at first because they were covered with mud. I finally consented and I was surprised that the picture turned out so well, lighting and composition etc. I told them I'd send a copy to them if they would give me their address. I wrote it down but the picture came back so I probably will never know where or who they are. All I know is they were at the right place at the right time just like the elderly folks so innocent and free!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Last but not least in my "Honor their birthdays" is Karen. As some of you know I blogged about my other two and Karen is my third. Your gift to me of course is the fact that you are my only girl. I can so much identify with you for that reason alone despite the fact that we are very different personalities. I learned early on, (especially when shopping at Ragstock!) that your color scheme and style of clothing was very different than mine so I abandoned that. I wanted you to be your own person and you truly are! Strawberry Shortcake was all the rage when you were born. Soon to follow was My Little Pony and Rainbow Brite. I remember your love of reading and putting together puzzles which your brothers promptly took apart, sorry about that. It's not easy being the middle child of two very active busy brothers! You were my easiest to deliver and probably my easiest to raise. Do you remember coming with me when I would clean homes? You would come along with your color books and reading material and find a corner to wait for me. You are my self-made child. When we would go on vacation you would pack a lunch for yourself for the trip. On the way to our destination you would sit between David and Daniel in the back seat eating your sandwich while they would be asking you "are you going to share some of that?" You loved school even though there were very cruel and brutal girls that would mistreat you but the academics were where it was at and the teachers loved you. When David had to learn his states and capitals in 5th grade you decided just for fun to memorize all the state capitals by reciting them off as you climbed the stairs at Annunciation. You went on to Burroughs to win your overall school spelling bee in 6th grade. I was to blame for that district loss telling you to spell the words phonetically and the one you got after that terrible advice shouldn't have been spelled that way. I felt so bad for you but was happy that your teacher and grandma joined you and we went out afterward and drowned our sorrows over lunch. Never forgetting sports, you played for fun alone but you were also the best catcher Lutheran High had no matter what anyone said! Music has always been a joy for you which helped you reach your goal of becoming a Certified Music Therapist. Wouldn't Marian Hutt be proud!!Life has been good to you Karen, especially these last few years. I miss seeing you in the Eau Claire band as well as hanging around the house but I know things keep getting better and you have always handled life head on! Congratulations Karen! Another milestone reached and many more to come!!