Monday, March 26, 2012

Quilt Retreat - Spring, 2012

Once again I re-visited Quilt Retreat up by Albany, Mn. Food, fellowship and lots of sewing time to be had. Saturday was up near 70 degrees so had some time to sit on a rocker swing by the lake and enjoy the view as well as the weather.
In the group pic I am on the far right. My quilt top is the aqua one hanging over the banister of the building we all slept in. The pic is of those that were in our lower level sewing room (we always take a pic on the last day with our particular group).
I stayed in the A-Frame on the lower level. I also slept there which is always a bonus as you can get ready for bed and still quilt for awhile in your pajamas never having to leave the building when it's time to go to bed.
I finished a quilt top and will finish it in the next two weeks. Don't know if I will give it to someone or keep it myself but I was pleased with how it turned out so I may use it as a gift down the road.

Quilting Again at Camp Lebanon

Once again I went to the spring Quilt retreat. There are always new people to meet and get to know and this weekend was no exception. I was able to finish a quilt top and for once I was pleased with the result. Looking forward to finishing it at home and deciding if I will give it to someone or keep it myself. Lots of good fellowship, food, and time to sew. Saturday was especially nice weather so took some time to sit by the lake on a rocker swing. Can't beat that for March weather!