Sunday, December 18, 2011

Long Time No See

Sorry to all my blog readers. As some of you know I have to be in the mood to write. Maybe I take it to seriously but that's me. I will try to do better in the future. Anyway as Christmas approaches we all are very busy - too busy to read blogs and too busy to write on one but I thought a note for the month of December would be good. I have been working for approx. 30 hours a week since we are down 3 Medical Assistants and one supervisor. I turned down the 36 hour a week opening at my clinic since I'm just too tired to work that much even though I love working for that particular doctor so I'm sticking with the 20 hrs a week I spend with Dr. X. As many of you who are 50+ know one starts to want to stop and smell the flowers and kick fall leaves and if I took that job I wouldn't have time to slow down for any of that, especially all the volunteer stuff I want to do. I would love to share the many stories and blessings I receive meeting and working with so many people in just one day at work but privacy laws are paramount so I can't but suffice it to say I love what I do. I will be posting a new post soon that I'm going to do thru Allina at the Ronald McDonald House so I will looking forward to sharing that. Right now I'm sewing a carry bag pattern I picked up last week for my gift exchange at work (picture above). This particular fellow employee loves cats and the material has lots of cats on it. I'm really having fun with that and staff at work are all enjoying Michael's Chex Mix and Christmas cookies. Well, back to all the festivities. Here's to a relaxing Christmas and New Year. Thanks for stopping in!