Monday, May 26, 2014

Picture is worth a thousand words

I read somewhere that the definition of a grandma is a mother with a second chance. I'm sure enjoying having that second chance. Will post next week about a memorial service I went to for my mother at Mainstreet where she lived. Enjoy the picture of my GROWING granddaughter.


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Busy April/May

Lots going on. The latest was a wedding that two of my adult children were in. Never made it to the wedding but decided to check out the reception since Michael and I were invited. The groom is Spanish with a large family so it was a little cramped but I was there only to see how nice my kids looked. Daniel was the best man and Karen was a bridesmaid.
I took Aiden overnight at the reception and we had the day together. Had lots of fun. I think the lobster tank at Jerry's Foods was a true hit for him. Enjoy the weather and take care everyone!
Daniel and Jesus (we had a laugh over the balloon in the background)

lovely bridesmaids (Karen is in front)