Friday, January 26, 2018

Been thinking more about reinventing myself in new ways. Being a student at the U of Minn. has been interesting as far as scanning the possibilities for advancement in learning. I can sign up for fall classes on March 8th. All of them say I cannot audit them so I have to pay $10 a credit which is amazing! There are definite perks to being a senior citizen!
My daily life has been tough but am trying to "get off the couch" as they say and getting busy with making my daily life better. Doing more sewing that I enjoy, studying scriptures which always can use a boost, reading more vs TV time. Sometimes I feel life nothing is happening in my life and I need something to jump start my engines. Even if it's something small. For example the other day I was over at Hannah's and Daniels and I spotted a yo yo. Come to find out that one of her relatives gave them yo yos for Christmas. Sounds loony but their family is kind of like that. Being as that particular toy was one of my favorites I picked one up at their house and showed Hannah how to "walk the dog". Was able to do it after some effort as the string was not in the best condition. I use to be able to "rock the cradle" but will need a better string attachment for that. I got the impression that Hannah kind of thought it was silly and only for kids. I always try to help her by my attitude in life how we all can have fun with things whether they are labeled as kids toys or not: digging in the sand, flying a kite, making a snow angel, etc. all kids related things but also enjoyable by everyone adult or kid. Sometimes I wish I could get Hannah to let her adult self go and really take a risk on being silly or funny in a way that frees her to enjoy life more. I'll keep trying with that because her children really deserve more of that from her. She is a wonderful mom and alittle song and dance as they say can only enhance her parenting skills.