Thursday, September 26, 2013

General Post

Sorry it's been so long in posting. My mantra is not to post unless there is something to post about. Most of my time these days has been working with my clients through the home health agency I work for. It's a great company to work for. They strive to make you feel important in your job and since we are care givers whose job is basically to care for others, meet their daily needs and generally to help them feel they have importance in their lives, this company works with us to help us feel that too. They have this program that whenever you pick up an extra shift or a last minute shift they put your name in a hat and every week they pull a name out. I won last week and got $50.00 in cash. Sometimes it's a gift card to Target, etc. What an incentive to work. Not a lot of charting or documentation to the job either. I hate wasting time doing that.
On another note (for those not on Facebook), I bought a new sewing machine. It's a Janome "Memory Keeper". Great machine even though it is VERY heavy. Looking for a carrier with wheels as Camp Lebanon quilt retreat is coming in November and really don't want to cart it around. I wish my mom could see it. The machine is nothing like what I am use to. Of course, I haven't bought a machine in probably 25-30 years. My old one was really worn out. Sounded like a freight train when I ran it. This one threads itself by a touch of a lever and cuts the thread by a touch of a button. Amazing.
Since I always like posting a pic in each post here is a picture. Next up: homecoming in Wisconsin.