Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cowboy Bandit - Hee Hah

Michael had Bandit's collar on so he could say hi to all the kids when they came to the door (I don't think the dog cared though but don't tell Michael)


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cristina & Christine

Just a short post about a fun event. I always love a parade and feel the same way about parties. I was at work this past Friday and a friend from my past (I visit him and his family in Owatonna once a year) called me and asked if I was going to Cristina's 60th birthday party. I said that I knew she was having one but I thought it was invitation only. He said it was most everyone on her Facebook page and he had already told her I was coming. Did I forget to mention I love parties. I told him "wow! I'll run home after I get off work, change clothes, grab the hubby and meet you there!" The rest is history. Just for background info most of the people there were from a Christian community I was in back in the 70s and most of them except for Cristina I hadn't seen in 20 years. I figured I wouldn't worry about looking 20 years older because we all did. They all knew me before and after I was married and we had all left the Christian community and had moved on to new adventures as we grew up and older.  Cristina, being spanish had her friends and family cook up a authentic mexican meal with all the trimmings. It was a wonderful way to spend a Friday night. Did I mention I love a party!!!!

Cristina & Christine

Friday, October 19, 2012

SW Wisconsin - Where Else Will I Ever Go?

This year's fall trip took us to the same places for the most part. Karen came along and enjoyed the Wabasha Eagle Center the most. The pic is of the trainer with Donald who fortunately only for him he had just finished eating a rat. (eeuh!!!).  We only had a weekend but were able to cram in some sights, apple orchards and a visit with friends and relatives. The picture of us is at the Irish pub (other picture) with Michael's cousin Monsignor Ken Fiedler. That's always my favorite time on the trip. He is a very caring, wonderful man and shares alot of my and Michael's beliefs concerning the Catholic Church. Because he doesn't adhere to alot of the conservative views of the Church he sometimes minces words with the Bishop in Wisconsin. He's kind of a rebel who loves Jesus and what He stands for which is probably why I enjoy him so much.  As you can see the dog came along and did real well and even got in some squirrel watching. The last picture is my "goofy" one (I always seem to be in the right place for these). It was raining that day and while walking the dog this lady was wiping down her mailbox. I mean really, the mailbox???? in the rain no less???? Anyway, enjoy the pics.

Gays Mills - All the orchards are around this area
The Irish Pub we ate in

Karen, Fr Ken, me and Michael
Lady cleaning her mailbox in the rain. Don't ask me to explain it. I can't


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Day Trip

Had lunch here

Michael and I decided to take this past Saturday and cruise down the Wisconsin side and back up the Minnesota side. It was the dog's first car trip and it went very well. It also was a first for having David and Venessa along. We had a wonderful time stopping at antique shops, craft shops and art fairs. Had lunch at a very nice place along the river. I wonder what the people who have warm weather all the time do for fun. The seasons bring out so much enjoyable sights, smells, and tastes (like caramel apples!).

The River Ladies in Wabasha