Thursday, June 19, 2008

Friends forever

Two weeks ago Daniel decided to take a road trip, I wasn't too keen on it but he's very good with cars, he wasn't going alone, and the buddy had AAA so any problems would be attended to and getting lost was pretty much the only problem they could encounter. Considering the technology today and the whole "the journey is it's own reward" he talked me out of his taking the Greyhound and him and Brian B. traveled down to Maryland to pick up his other childhood friend, James. Daniel has kept up with James since he moved to Maryland approx. 5 years ago, playing video games online, IMing him and just keeping in touch via the wonders of cell phone usage. James started out as one of my least favorite of Daniel's friends when he hit a golf ball through one of our double-paned, custom made bedroom windows, but he turned out to be a wonderful, mature young man with oodles of manners and a smile to go with it. With our house being home base he spent a week with Daniel and Brian coming and going meeting up with other friends he had made here throughout his growing up years. One of the last nights he spent here I think there were approx 7 guys sitting around trying to figure out what they would do THAT night. It was like a revolving door and the energy level was way beyond me. Even though it was tremendously fun to have all of them around, I had to admit I was missing the enjoyment of putting my nightgown on and roaming through the house as was my custom every evening. When he finally left for the airport for the return trip home, I asked him what he had planned for the rest of the summer and he told me he was going to look for a second job since he had spent his "wad" on this vacation. "Way to go James!" The picture is of Daniel, James, Wally, and Brian.