Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September Birthdays

Birthdays have been lacking in the fall months but when Daniel married Hannah it became apparent that September was going to be a busy month for "happy, happy birthday...."  Both Hannah and Aiden are September babies so since we have December and January covered and May, June and August (what happened to July???) covered we now have a fall month covered.
Aiden with his new bible
 Aiden turned 4 and I decided it was time that he had his own bible to take to church with him. There are a gazillion different childrens bibles to choose from. He loves books that rhyme so I picked one where the bible stories rhyme. He  didn't appreciate the clothes but hey, he's 4. Growing is part of the deal and he needed clothes (by the way, so is his hair since he is now cancer free). We also threw in a Jake & the Neverland Pirates pillow which he DID appreciate. Gotta have a few toys in there somewhere.  Hannah is now a quarter of a century old. We were going to give her a gift card to Target but I knew she would probably spend it on the kids (diapers, etc.) so I got her something on Amazon which was actually for Elie and some DVD's she wanted.  
Hannah opening her presents with help from Elie
 Anyway, since Hannah had a gathering of her family from her mom and dad's side on Friday, a friend party on Sunday, we decided to have a small get together at our place yesterday (Tuesday). Between married people, school responsibilities, and work we just decided to celebrate it before it got to be October. The pictures are not the greatest but I couldn't resist posting them here. Such wonderful looking people.

playing a quick game of Candyland

Friday, September 5, 2014

State Fair 2014

I LOVE cotton candy!

I did manage to go to the State Fair this year. I don't go much anymore since my feet, knees and energy is 63ish but I decided to go since I now have grandchildren and I have always believed that kids can make a mediocre experience that much better and more interesting. More interesting is probably the word I'm looking for. I went during the week (less crowds) and took with me my son Daniel and his wife Hannah.

Hannah, Daniel, Elie and Aiden

The interesting (and better!) part came in the form of Aiden and Elie. I was a a bit apprehensive anticipating a stroller, two eventually tired toddlers, and a lot of "I want" coming out of their mouths. That didn't happen as Elie doesn't talk actual words yet, although she does plenty of talking, and Aiden is SO very good at accepting things as they come. It's like he knows that his loved ones are not rich and they do the best they can at helping him have a good time with what they have. The giant slide was definitely on his list!

Daniel & Elie

And we did! Walking around and sharing with each other the stuff we wanted to see, do or eat. At one time I asked Hannah what she wanted to do next and she responded with "I don't care. I'm only here for the food". I had to laugh at that one. We all did really well not gorging ourselves on a lot of junk.

my fun purse
The highlight came when Hannah introduced me to some purses at the International Bazaar area that sold fabric purses very inexpensively and with a discount coupon in the Blue Discount Book of $8 that more than paid for the use of it. As we left the fair and headed for the car

I realized that it was one of the more pleasant and relaxing times I had had at the fair, aching feet aside.
the "fam" enjoying the fair