Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thanks for the memories

Two weeks ago my cousin Joy died at the age of 60. She had contracted pneumonia and for some reason couldn't get over it. She was my first cousin on my dad's side and was one of 3 children with one brother that was my age. She also was a twin. Her sister's name is Judy. They were kind of like exact opposites; Judy being fair-skinned and full of mischief and Joy being darker and somewhat shy. I had many good times with them as a child even though they were six years older than myself. They lived in a huge house attached to the mortuary (their dad was a funeral director)in a small town in Illinois. I remember some mornings if there was a visitation we couldn't have bacon and eggs because the aroma would offend the people coming to view their loved ones. Many interesting stories and memories related to that of which I won't go into here. Anyway, when their dad died last year Joy was the one to call me and let me know. I promised her I would call her when things settled down. I missed those times with them and wanted to find a way to reconnect. My message here is "don't wait until things settle down." I probably let too much time go by and now she is gone. One thing I found out about her that I didn't know was that she was a quilter and belonged to 3 quilting clubs. Being a beginner quilter myself we could have had many good visits over our sewing machines. If you feel so inclined say a prayer for her family. I'm sure they miss her alot as I do.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

No "Bah Humbug" here

We had a pretty good Christmas at least better than last year. It ended up being split into two days because David was ill. I rather liked having it spread out since the "big" dinner was not a big dinner, so both evenings were pretty low-key which was nice. Because of the storm my mom stayed with us for a few days and seemed to enjoy herself note: Packer-backers are the toughest weather beaters on the planet especially when wearing their favorite new Green Bay jacket. Everyone seemed to enjoy what "Santa" brought and there was food and enjoyment for all. I even received a gift of an answered prayer that I have been praying for for at least a year.
Even Comet the raindeer dog enjoyed the festivities (don't worry she always looks sad)!