Sunday, January 3, 2010

No "Bah Humbug" here

We had a pretty good Christmas at least better than last year. It ended up being split into two days because David was ill. I rather liked having it spread out since the "big" dinner was not a big dinner, so both evenings were pretty low-key which was nice. Because of the storm my mom stayed with us for a few days and seemed to enjoy herself note: Packer-backers are the toughest weather beaters on the planet especially when wearing their favorite new Green Bay jacket. Everyone seemed to enjoy what "Santa" brought and there was food and enjoyment for all. I even received a gift of an answered prayer that I have been praying for for at least a year.
Even Comet the raindeer dog enjoyed the festivities (don't worry she always looks sad)!

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archerycharlie said...

Hey it does sound like you all had a good Christmas with the familey. It just doesen't look right to see someone out shoveling snow in shorts and sporting a new greebay jacket. Hope you all had a good entry to the New Year. Looks like we are going to get a big ole snow storm tonite untill friday sometime with a lot of wind