Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Right Place at the Right time

Haven't had much to blog about since I work so much now. I posted something on Facebook and thought I'd add it here for all you non-Facebook users. About 2 months ago Michael and I went on a mini vacation through Iowa and Wisconsin. I always take my camera with just in case of a good shot of something. My favorite thing to do is find something to photograph that is completely spontaneous. We were headed home when we went through this little town called Mifflin, Wisconsin. One of those places one has to look quick to see it. Anyway, I saw these elderly people sitting in this park on some swings and I just HAD to turn the car around to catch a pic of them reliving their childhood. It was so fun. The other picture I have taken recently was taken in Indiana about 3 months ago when Michael and I were in Indiana. My two youngest were playing frisbee golf with Michael's uncle in a park in Crawfordsville, Indiana and while waiting for them I saw these kids come toward me. It was about 95 in the shade and they had been swimming in a creek that ran through the park. They begged me to take their picture. I didn't want to at first because they were covered with mud. I finally consented and I was surprised that the picture turned out so well, lighting and composition etc. I told them I'd send a copy to them if they would give me their address. I wrote it down but the picture came back so I probably will never know where or who they are. All I know is they were at the right place at the right time just like the elderly folks so innocent and free!

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