Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dostoevsky wasn't there but it was still enjoyable!

A friend and I went to the Russian Museum on Diamond Lake Road and 35W last week. It use to be a funeral home and someone bought and renovated it turning it into a museum of Russian art. I thought it was a dumb idea. I was wrong. I had heard it was very interesting but didn't have my hopes up. It was quite memorable and not because I love hardwood floors and dark quiet places. It had two levels of art pieces some so big that it was better seen from across the room. They also had a special showing of Russian nesting dolls which was fabulous. All the artwork was told with the artists thoughts on the piece and many covered the Industrial Revolution and was explained and expressed through art. The basement rooms had a display of photographic art that proved to be most interesting as well.I paid a dollar for a booklet that gave me each story behind the photos. Again, very interesting. Well worth the $5.00 bucks to get in. I would recommend it to everyone. Don't miss out on an excellent day of education in the art world!

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