Friday, May 13, 2011

Will You Still ...When I'm Sixty-Four (or 90)

Sorry my blog has taken so long to post but Google shut us down for maintenance reasons. Anyway, I thought I'd slip a "long lifer" blog post to cheer any of you that think life is a bummer when you reach old age. My Uncle Norman turned 90 last week and when one of his kids posted his picture on her blog I felt compelled to as well. After all, turning 90 doesn't happen every day. I came to realize that I really don't know that much about him but the things I do know I'll share. He was born in Duluth and has one sister, my mom. He is from Scottish descent having the last name Cameron. He had a band when he was a teenager and played the trumpet. Even though he wasn't close to my mom growing up he is now. He calls her every Sunday without fail. He calls me about once a month. Yesterday he called to say that his son bought a van that his Little Rascal fits into so he can go to church. I thought he was going to burst through the phone. He spends every Mother's Day with his kids and they go to the horse races in the Seattle area. Life has been kind to him especially since his mind is still pretty sharp. So if you are ever in the Seattle area and run into an elderly Scottish gentleman riding a red Little Rascal that looks like the picture on this post say hi for me and btw, don't forget to throw him a salute: he also served his country during World War II as an Air Force "Radar Man" in China.

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