Thursday, April 28, 2011

Molding Hearts and Changing Lives

Last month a friend named Sharon prayed with me for employment. I have been a temp for approximately 2 years now and want permanent employment, or thought I did. No matter what happens I always want His will to be done even if I think I know better what I need or desire. Right after that wonderful fateful day of prayer, I got two temp assignments and have been steadily employed. My last day at the downtown Allina clinic will be tomorrow and I have already been placed somewhere next week. I've been praying for permanent employment so I could be part of a "team". Through these two assignments and the prayers of faithful friends God has molded my heart to accept being a temp, not worry about permanent placement, and work where I can get assignments. After all it's a wonderful way to meet and work with friendly fellow caregivers and meet the needs of patients and their families as we all work our way through the healthcare system that Allina offers us. Btw, the picture was taken during a complimentary breakfast that was jumpstarting a volunteer program through the Allina clinics. They insisted I be a part of the picture because "you are a part of the team, after all".

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