Thursday, July 12, 2012

Frank Sinatra Said It All

 Last weekend we took a day trip and went to Chicago. We headed downtown on the train.

Blues Bros gift shop at Chicago Airport

Downtown Marquee
skyline of Chicago
This was an apartment on top and a car
port on the bottom

tour boat on the Chicago River
We escaped the heat in this library entrance
I wasn't as impressed by those who sing songs about the city but did find that there were some good pictures to get out of the experience which is basically where I'm at with most things these days. The weather was so hot we could have fried just about anything on the sidewalk. People were everywhere including pigeons, which I abhor! Michael wants to take me back but I'm not sure about going again. Walking is not my forte and to see places and things you really need to be open to walking to most places. We also just took the day which really isn't enough to do much of anything. We headed back to the airport and took an early flight back because of the heat. Enjoy the pictures though. I thought they turned out fairly well.

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