Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another year of fireworks

Haven't blogged for a bit. July 4th was our usual grilling, having the family over for dinner minus David and Venessa. They always go north which considering the weather was probably a very wise choice and of course her parents live there. We added a friend of Daniel's with her little boy. He was like a busy bee buzzing all around my house but his mom was very good at watching him and I shared my pinwheel with him (I use it to scare the wildlife off of my raspberries) and happened to have some popsicles in the freezer. He also loves dogs and enjoyed Bandit. Finished out the evening at Byerlys watching the Edina firewords from the parking lot. Just enough fun for all. Always a little bittersweet with the memory of my dad who died 6 years ago on the 3rd. One pic will suffice for this story since it's not my favorite holiday.

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