Sunday, July 15, 2012

Welcome to the 21st Century

We finally had to get rid of our last car (1993 Ford CV) and head into the 21st Century. As some people do we got on Craig's List and spent about two weeks looking at Ford CV's because that is what we always have had and we liked the way they ran, etc. Then our mechanic son Daniel came over one evening and we asked his opinion since there weren't alot of Ford CV's out there and he said to look at the Honda CRV's. He said they have very low maintenance issues and they hold their value well. So we took a huge leap and branched out and found one on Craig's List after looking for 3 weeks and testing out some not so nice ones with too high a price. The one we bought is a 2003. It was owned by a retired teacher in Edina who never had kids or pets and did not smoke. She kept it in her garage in intrepid weather and it only had 71,500 miles on it. She had bought a new CRV and was selling this one. We had our mechanic look it over and he said everything was as she said. Fairly new tires and brakes and she told us she had the oil changed that morning. I felt like it was a real steal even though she wouldn't budge on the price. I didn't care because she was below the Blue Book value for it and it was immaculate inside and out except for a couple dings from car doors. The final exchange of keys brought tears to her eyes. I know I'll feel the same when I resell it someday.

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