Tuesday, August 7, 2012


enjoying a snack (first time having a pretzel I believe)

I got to babysit today even though I'm not a grandmother (yet). Daniel has a friend that has a little boy and she was in a pinch so he called me and the rest is history. I told Daniel since he was my youngest child he never really had to learn to share his toys so this would be his chance to do that. I rounded up some of his Hot Wheel cars, his legos and some books and I got busy having fun with 18-month-old Aiden. Had forgotten that children that age have the attention span of an ant so I decided not to worry about the mess that would inevitably fill my living space. He has a pretty good grasp of language even though he calls every female mom. I didn't mind knowing that he has full knowledge of who his mother really is. Following are some pics I took of our time together. Enjoy.

 Lego fun
of course we had to try out the piano

gettin' tired

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