Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Life With Bandit

Bandit continues to amuse us or in some cases annoy us. For the first time, he got a hold of a full toilet roll. I was, as usually the case, on the computer and I heard him growling and barking in the living room. I didn't pay much attention because he does this fairly frequently with bones that I get from the butcher, not to mention that I really needed some time to myself. I usually let him have them outside until he totally cleans them off and then we have them stored in his toy basket (is this a toddler or what????). After about 10 minutes Bandit joined me at my feet in the computer room. Meanwhile  Michael comes down from upstairs and I hear him yell "Christine What the heck is going on?!" I come rushing into the living room only to see the living room has been t-peed by the dog. I couldn't stop laughing and my "Doom & Gloom hubby" keeps saying, "I don't see the humor in this". As I fell onto the couch from laughing I realized that it was just what I needed after a long day of work. I can only say God works in wonderful & mysterious ways! Laughing feels sooo good sometimes! Unfortunately I didn't take a picture so I put this one in of him after getting stung by a bee (he tends to leave them alone anymore).

Bandit's swollen lip. No more bees for him!

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Marie said...

I love it!! I would have been laughing, too. Also, great picture!!