Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lebanon here we come....and go

Lebanon was great this year. There was 14 of us all related in some form or another. I decided to scrapbook all the pics of the kids that my in-laws had accumulated over the years. I was surprised to realize that I missed sewing but I managed to find things to do. Took a walk, read some of my Louis Lamore book plus my bible, and did some cross-stitch. The best part other than short-sheeting Darlene's bed was playing "Hand and Foot" with all my friends (it's a card game similar to Canasta).Then March decided to come in like a lion and go out like one. When I woke up at Camp Lebanon on Monday morning the snow was doing it's thing in a major way and my ride back couldn't chance going back to the Twin Cities (I wouldn't have let her anyway). I was pretty frantic and mad at the world for letting it snow (I guess they love Washington people more...inside joke) but I finally asked God for forgiveness for doubting His care of me and realized how beautiful it all was. Lisa worked out a ride for me with a breakfast request in the form of a wonderful woman needing to get back to the TC for an appt. she couldn't miss. God is so gracious to me!

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