Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Fine Line is a fine line

Michael and I took a gal from his work, Kim, and went to see David's band Between Two Skies at the Fine Line Music Cafe in downtown Minneapolis. I surprised myself in the fact that for the most part I enjoyed the band immensely even though they were a bit loud for me and the lyrics were hard to understand. A lot of talent up on that stage, though. I always enjoy talent esp. when it comes to music.

I have always been kind of proud of the fact that I am a "Baby Boomer"; someone who was around at the "dawning of the age of Aquarius", the live sounds of the Trashmen, and the celebrity of Ed Sullivan and the Beetles. I had to admit for one of the first times it was a little bittersweet seeing a very different sound that I found I had to work at to truly enter into but those around me were thoroughly engaged with it. It was as if life was saying it had moved on. Oh well, I will always wonder if we should have allowed putting the basketball down earlier (inside joke). Such talent!

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