Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Daughters are Divine

Before I get started I want everyone especially my sons to know that I hold no favoritism toward Karen. In fact your day will come be assured. I was just thinking of her tonight after returning from a visit with her today at UWEC. We went to see her sing in the Symphonic Choir as they were performing Elijah the Oratorio by Mendelssohn. I remember when I gave birth to her I was so elated esp. when the little pink outfits started coming and all I could think of was how fun it was going to be to dress her up and fix her hair and teach her about make-up, etc. That didn't last long since kids grow soooo fast and she has definitely become her own person with her own ideas about life. We worried as her parents because she was so quiet and unassuming as a child and we thought life and all it's horrors would eat her up and spit her out. But she turned out to be a very focused, thoughtful person, up to any task that the world or any of us including her brothers decided to throw at her. When I thought I'd never get pregnant and have kids, God not only handed me David and Daniel but gentle, unassuming, focused, thoughtful Karen! The picture I chose is from her harp jury which is a test on the instrument being taught for that class. Since it was a test I couldn't get any closer for fear of distracting her from playing. She did a great job playing her selections and we had a marvelous time!

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