Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sewing Machines Are Humming

Just got back from my annual quilt retreat. Had a great time sewing a wall hanging. Most were quilting and some scrapbookers as well. Weather was cold but sunny which added to the enjoyment of the weekend on the lake front. Extra special was my favorite daughter Karen who joined the fun. Was so very nice to have her with me to enjoy the weekend.
Sleeping is usually at a minimum especially this weekend since there was a heating problem in our room which wasn't fixed until Saturday evening but everything worked out fine since there is a bazillian quilts to cover up with. Food however isn't at a minimum with people bringing snacks or junk food if you want to call it that (hey, we're on a retreat after all)! The chef cooks the most wonderful food and of course there is always the camp oatmeal, my favorite! Back to the exercise bike I go!

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