Saturday, March 8, 2014

Crawfordsville kids

A few years back I was visiting with relatives in Indiana. It was a very hot day and they all decided to go to a park in town and play Frisbee Golf. I declined but grabbed my camera and went along for the ride (better than watching the Nascar races on TV). When I got there I noticed some kids coming out of a creek that ran along the middle of the park with the Frisbee Golf markers. They were covered in mud from head to toe. I guess that was their way of cooling off. Anyway when they saw me with my camera they asked if I would take their picture. I said sure so I had them sit on one of the benches. One of the younger ones kept asking me if I worked for the Crawfordsville Indiana paper. I said no but for some reason she didn't believe me. After we took the picture they wanted me to print it in the paper but again I told them I didn't work for the paper but would send them a copy of the picture. The oldest one declined to give me their address; understandably so since they didn't know me. A few weeks later when viewing the picture I really thought it was turned out well even though the subject matter was covered in mud! I went ahead and sent it to the paper in Indiana telling them they could do with it what they wanted. I never heard back but my in-laws told me they saw it. They failed to save a copy for me so I never saw it in the paper. I just hope the kids did!

Crawfordsville kids!

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