Saturday, March 1, 2014


Wisteria Tree (had tons of hummingbirds in it)

It wasn't the best time of the year to go since Vegas is in spring mode so everything flower and tree is just starting to bud.
pomegranate tree

Because of the snow and the extreme weather we have been having it was the best time for me and Michael to go. The experience of a premature enjoyment of 70 degree weather was worth the trip even though it was only 2 days worth of fun. We had gotten free tickets from NW Airlines back when Michael started working for them so we decided to leave the cold behind and head out. He had a retired long time friend from KMSP who had moved out there so they put us up. Him and his wife showed us a magnificent time with them.

me, Michael and Dick
They have a lovely home with a guest room and private bath for us. We spent the first evening just enjoying their backyard with flowers and a fire pit. No mosquitoes were found! Just humming birds in the flower garden that surrounded the backyard. Their house is enclosed as many were with very high brick walls. Ultimate quiet and privacy to enjoy conversation.

Having some fun at an outside museum (Dick's wife Bev)
We ate out for all the meals, enjoyed the "strip" with roving musicians and artists along with a light show (forgot my camera for that evening. ugh!). We even got some time to play cards, listen to our favorite hits from the 60s and talk about old TV shows that the guys have a propensity for and love to talk about. We topped everything off with a day at Hoover Dam.
            Who needs gambling when you have so many other things to do esp with great friends!  

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