Saturday, September 10, 2011

Leash Or No Leash; That Is The Question

I have now discovered dog parks. I had tried to introduce Comet to off-leash dog parks but she would have nothing to do with them. Very shy, one-friend-at-a-time dog, it was not for her. Bandit on the other hand can't get enough of them. We have been frequenting the airport off-leash one which is quite alot of acreage. The noise from the airplanes going overhead just about deafens us but it doesn't really bother me considering I see it as job security of a sort.
Doing a little research I wandered on to a truth vs myth site in regard to the parks. They say that it's a nice place to meet other dog owners since most return now and then. I also wondered about whether fights break out, etc. but they say that fighting is usually about teritorial rights and since everyone is "leash-less" there is no territory to protect. They are all equal and seem to work out the dominance roll pretty well. Bandit hasn't seen any other dogs that wanted a fight except a bassett hound named Goliath and he was old and wanted nothing to do with the shenanagans of a six-month old goofball like Bandit. Lots of fun was had by all, at least by the
dogs. The knats have fun with us.
Bandit and River (a six-month old lab mix)

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charlie said...

Am glad they have some of the dog walks parks around now day as so many folks just let the dogs run amok among us. I bought a small can of HALT spray that i carry on my bike now for thoses dogs than tend to run out and try to bite or get in the way of us riding along the roads. Some will stop if ya just point and holler at them, but a few will try and chew on your ancle bones or anything else they can get ahold of.