Saturday, October 8, 2011

Maple trees? I don't think so

Sorry for taking so much time away from my blogging. I had a broken index finger and keyboarding is next to impossible. Praise God for the Gentle Leader people. I now can walk my dog in "calm" mode. Hopefully you all are hanging in there for friendship sake. I finally have something to blog about and it's not about the puppy for once. Michael came to me last night and said he wanted to take a day trip to enjoy the colors and buy his usual supply of raspberries that he gets at a stand just outside of Clearwater, Wisconsin. We headed out this morning (Saturday) bright and early and headed down the Wisconsin side going through Wabasha, Red Wing, Winona, and various other places and heading back the other way. Don't tell Michael but to me these trips are "yawners" and full of old retired geezers eating ice cream cones and stopping for the festivals and farmers markets, ending up having a meatball dinner at the local church in some little town along the way. One has to admit if you've seen one maple tree you've seen them all. I can hear all my Christian friends saying, "but Christine, the maple trees are like the snowflakes. Every one is different and unique". I agree but when I have my camera I tend to take pictures of things you would never see in the ordinary day at any time of the year. If you have seen some of my pics from past posts you know my style. Anyway I was again successful! Enjoy or say, "she's at it again".


charlie said...

Well just who are you calling An old geezer? :)

charlie said...

gee.zer \'ge zar\ slang Not young. Not dead. Some where in between. :)

Karen's Food Diary said...

That table is really cool!