Friday, September 9, 2011


Back in my January 28th post of this year I featured my twin cousins. I spent this past Labor Day holiday visiting Judy. We hadn't seen each other for quite some time, approximately 12 years. We obviously had alot of catching up to do. Some of it was difficult to grasp since our views were clouded by time and mis-information given to me by her father and mine. Now that both are deceased we were able to hash through some of the events surrounding the later years of our their lives. Through this process I have come to the conclusion that much of my childhood was spent in complete and total isolation to the sins of my parents, esp. my dad. He wasn't a bad guy but in truth gave me information that was pretty sugar-coated. With that information I grew up seeing only the charitable attributes of my father and his brother. The labor day holiday changed much of that. I'm not sorry I know the truth but I have to admit it kind of changes my perspective about them both. In some respects I don't really care because they are both gone and nothing is accomplished by talking about what was said or done and who said or did it. I was able to at least let her know the care and love I have for her as my cousin and that I would always be there for her if she needed me. I hope to visit again some day soon.

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