Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thank God for milestone birthdays

The other day at work (I work at a local clinic as a CMA) I roomed someone that was born on the same day and same year as myself. Sometimes I mention the coincidence to lighten the mood especially if they are coming in for a stressful procedure, etc. unless they have a ton of health problems and their gene pool has not been very kind to them as mine has. Most times, however, I don't say anything. My birthday has never been something I have ever gotten very excited about. My husband on the other hand loves his birthday as well as surprises of any kind. This has caused alot of stress over the years, about 29 since we have been married that long. I never know what to get him, I dislike surprises so I'm not very good at it, I stink at cooking so I invariably burn the burnt sugar cake that I have to make from scratch because there is no box mix for that particular flavor and it calls for cake flour which I never have on hand. It always gets him down. This year I decided to take the bull by the horns and give him a surprise party esp. since it was his 60th. I had him concentrate on "the party" while I planned a surprise party the night before. He gave me a list of invitees and I went with it. It was incredibly stressful as in years before but this time it all came through and the blessing we both received from it was worth every moment of worry. We all had a wonderful time, guests included and the party was my gift so I didn't have to wring my hands thinking of something. It really gave me a new perspective on how fun birthdays can be.


grandma s said...

What a great party it was!!! Steven and I thank you for including us in your celebration. Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Michael....Steven and Kathy

Anonymous said...

Well sorry that we missed it and sounds like ya had a great time with it. Tell Mike Happy Birthday from us all down here. Give him a few whacks on the rump from me will ya. charlie