Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's about 11:30 p.m. and I'm listening to a song by Hillside called "I Will Never Be the Same Again" as I wait for 2009 to become a reality (watching the ball drop isn't something that I normally do to bring in the new year). 2009 will hopefully bring events and people into my life that will change me for the better just like 2008 did. Looking back I think this year went pretty well. I accomplished some educational goals for myself, "grew up" a little bit more (we're always evolving), and learned a bit about how people can love as well as hurt you and how we as Christians should respond. Life for certain of my loved ones got better and no one died this past year like in 2006 when my dad dropped dead before I ever got to say goodbye. Even though I wrote a creative non-fiction piece about it that my writing teacher loved, I may never get over the finality of that, however, I'll try not to limit the Limitless one. I think I've moved beyond caring about things that I have no control over and hopefully can leave those things in God's hands. Probably the best thing that happened this year for me personally was receiving a deep blessing of God's love for me that I hadn't experienced for a number of years. Those of you that understand the depth of group prayer within the evangelical community will understand what I am sharing. If you don't catch my drift listen to the song (you can download it through YouTube). 2009 will be great because He's in it with me.

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