Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Life Without Varicose Veins

Life is pretty good these days. I'm past the surgery for my varicose veins - not bad at all. I had 2 days off my feet at home with pain meds and then uphill from there. Dr. Mendelhoff was great. As he left he said, "Good job". Actually I thought he did all the work but in the medical field it is a team effort; patient, dr, nurses, medical secretaries that type up all the at-home papers and appointments, anesthesiologists, etc., etc., The weather is turning upward - 40 today and spring is on the way. Karen and I went to run some errands and plan on taking a trip to the DMV tomorrow so she can reapply for her permit. She really wants to drive mainly because she is tired of asking for rides. Even though it's going to cost her money, I can see her point. It is fun to spend time with her being my only girl. She has so many interests with her schooling, friends, trips to Europe with the band (I don't think she has come down off of that cloud yet), and her wonderful, gifted piano playing. I'm soooo jealous. :) We stopped at the library and she is playing all the tunes from the music books she got there. David and Venessa won't be here for Easter which is a bummer but I predicted this would happen eventually with them being married now. They have to choose which side of the family they are going to spend time with and I know it's easier with the Sophie the dog up north. Hopefully we can connect this summer for some fishing and down time with them and the Millers.

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