Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ronald McDonald House

Last night I went from work over to Children's Hospital to help serve a meal to the families of children who are admitted to the hospital. I had volunteered through Allina 2 months ago and it looked like a fun thing to do at the time. Allina provides the money to buy the groceries, volunteers make the meal which includes a main dish, salad, fruit, dessert, ice cream and milk or water, and then more volunteers serve the meal and clean up. When the day came to do it I almost canceled myself out having just put in a tiring 8 hours at the clinic but I figured it was only 2 hours of my evening (I was signed up to serve the meal) and maybe when I get there it will get better. I found that it did. Some very weary moms and dads and some patients came through our line to have a nice hot meal and some time to relax. I was glad I went. I got to know some wonderful fellow employees and was able to play a part in putting some smiles on some very weary and worried families of sick children that are staying at the hospital. Many of them thanked us when they left and told us how much they appreciated our service in making their stay more restful and pleasant. The person in charge took a picture and I asked him to send it to me so I could put it on my blog site. It was a wonderful and rewarding volunteer experience!

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charlie said...

Congratulations on your volunteering work. Sounds like a good time was had by all.