Sunday, January 1, 2012

Moving on from 2011

Here is hoping everyone enjoyed and/or survived Christmas. We had 7 at the table on Christmas Day dinner. Played a game of Sequence with partners, one of my mom's favorite games. Daniel and Karen came early to help with set up. I meant to take more pictures than I did which ended up as one pic of Daniel and Karen going over the friends and relatives Christmas cards. When one doesn't live at home the cards are usually found there even though they received a few at their new place. Will throw in a pic of DJ Fieds and the Fam since that is what I did the day after Christmas instead of clean-up at home. I do some photography for Daniel's DJ business which is thriving so far and they had gotten logo shirts so I thought it would be nice if I stopped over to take some pics for their web page. This particular event was for a couple that got married in Venuzuela a few months ago and then returned to the U.S. and had a welcome home party. Daniel works with the mother of the bride at Byerlys - thus the job.

Here's to 2012! Happy New Year everyone!!

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charlie said...

Yes we survived also the holidays again. Glad they are all done, now we can get back to the basics again. We bought an indoor trainer at Sears just after the big sales and got a great buy on it. It was marked down from 399$ to 99$ When we took out a Sears card we got it for 89$ i think. I have got 361 on it as of today.