Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Went with Michael last weekend back to his home area of Platteville, Wis. to attend two meetings. I had to be dragged there (I'd rather to to Hawaii but it ain't in the cards). Even though I didn't want to go I always try to make lemonade out of Platteville lemons. We drove down Friday night and met with his high school friends to plan their next 5 year reunion. The lemonade was not to bad since we met at a wonderful pizza place with a sports bar and some wonderful pizza. It was also fun hearing them share stories about their high school days. The next meeting was on Saturday morning at the University of Wisc. Michael is on the Alumni Board and they got together to plan out some events coming up specifically homecoming. I was left to do whatever I could to find something interesting in town for about 2 hours time. Since it was Saturday I thought I'd drive around and maybe look for the local library. Then the lemonade started pouring when I discovered a huge garage sale! Everything was very inexpensively priced. Had a great time visiting with 3 ladies that were experiencing the empty nesting syndrome and were getting rid of all their little boys toys and supplies. They sold me on a touch lamp that they had priced at only a dollar.
I enjoyed visiting with them and finally moved on downtown and there was more lemonade in the form of a farmers Market in the middle of downtown. I bought some cinnamon bread from an Amish lady and her two young boys, one of which was reading a Louis LaMour book (one of my favorite authors). I asked if their mother was reading it as well and she smiled and said "oh, no it's too violent for me". I also bought 4 perennials from a guy that was selling his wares out of the back of his truck. At 3 bucks a pop I thought it was a great deal getting some Shasta Daisies and Corn Flowers. All in all I had some interesting experiences. Michael connected up via cell phone and walked down to meet me at the Farmer's Market. We headed back to the Twin Cities through some huge storms and arrived home earlier than expected.
Daniel and Karen had stayed with Bandit for the overnight so that was nice for them since they had plans for the evening. Sometimes lemonade isn't quite as sour as I think it might be.

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charlie said...

I had my 50th Anniversary from school this year but did not go as have not kept up with any of them sense then. Have been going to a get together at Pizza Hut once a month but i am the only guy that shows up it seems so not gonna go as much till some of the guys start to come out also.