Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to me... I think.

I always wanted to marry a farmer because I loved horses and being outdoors. I came close since my birthday is in December and parties are always planned around the weather much like the crops. Unfortunately the party this year was cancelled due to a snowstorm. Sometimes we have to roll with the punches even if they come in inches.
Anyway since it is my official day I thought I'd do a Jen Gan*yo and share a list of a few things even my closest friends don't know about me. Daring I know, but I DID say just a few. Here goes:

1. I lost my car once. I was 22 and had parked it downtown. I was sure it was where it obviously wasn't. Long story short, called the cops, listed as missing or stolen. Three days later I had to go to work so I took a bus which ended up being the wrong one and when I got off the bus the driver told me to cross the street kitty-corner and wait for the other bus. When I got off, well, there was the car. It wasn't stolen. As I looked around me I realized that that is where I originally parked it. (And you think losing your car at a mall is bad). Obviously taking the wrong bus isn't always a bad thing either.

2. I'm a published song-writer. I was 25 in a large Christian Community of Catholic/Protestants and was in their music ministry. I wrote a baptism song for my first child and it became popular among many people in the community after that. The community music group played it for my son's baptism. When my youngest was baptised I used it for his by having some people from the church perform it. They crucified it. Not everyone can read music or they suck at it. I used it for a retreat for my church and a lady came up to me and told me I sang very well. I told her I wrote the song, I didn't sing the song. It ended up on a record album the community made and you can find it at any flea market or garage sale. So much for fame and glory. The lesson here is just because Mariah Carey sings those songs, it doesn't mean she wrote the songs.

3. I was once in an accordian band. I took lessons for about 4 years and they had a 35 piece band of kids with accordians. I had alot of fun with it. I use to take my accordian up to my grandparents lake home and sit on the end of the dock and play for the fish - mostly sunnies. I was 10. Every Christmas my accordian teacher would give me one of those lifesaver books with the lifesaver candy in them. I think of her every Christmas when I see those.

4. This last one is for those with lots of faith so be forewarned. I use to suffer from what was medically termed Benign Positional Vertigo. It is hereditary (my mom has it), and it would happen about once a month. You wake up in the morning with extreme dizziness especially if you close your eyes and then open them. The whole room spins back and forth. It can go on for hours. Someimes I wouldn't be able to make it to the bathroom because I would be so dizzy and then end up throwing up before I got there. Anyway I was at a luncheon at some friends homes that were a part of this community I was in. They asked if anyone would like prayers for anything or anybody. I spoke up and asked if they would pray for a healing of my vertigo. My friends gathered around, laid hands on me, and prayed that God would heal me. I have never had an episode since. That was 30 years ago.

In honor of my mother who carried me 9 months and brought me into the world 60 years ago today I post the following picture.

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Karen's Food Diary said...

Nice picture, don't think I ever saw that one. Btw, I knew all of those except #1. That sounds like something I would do.