Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Gift of a Gingerbread House

For some reason God decided that I was to have a very nice Christmas. Normally I get very stressed out trying to create something that is a cross between a Norman Rockwell painting and Better Homes and Gardens. One thing I do love is watching others enjoy Christmas festivities. Karen wanted to continue the tradition of making gingerbread houses even though I had disbanded the idea after they turned 18 and I kept growing around the hips. Two weeks before Christmas she and I went over to my moms place and put her tree up and decorated the apartment for her. Karen had bought two gingerbread kits at Target and brought them with her. My mom had a blast frosting the roof and putting on the mountain variety of candy that Karen had brought with her. She even called a friend down from 2nd floor to share in the fun. You haven't lived until you've seen two 87-yr-old ladies frosting a gingerbread house and eating licorice whips! It was truly a success! I told her to keep it at her place so she could show her friends her newly built Christmas gingerbread house and I would'nt have to worry about growing any larger around the hips. I told Karen she has a true gift with seniors especially the one she's related to and we would definitely repeat the tradition. Hopefully my mom will be able to enjoy it again next year however every day is a gift when your 87.

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Jennifer said...

Your mama looks so much like you! And what a lovely tradition. May you all have many more gingerbread houses together.