Monday, February 22, 2010

Sugar, Sugar

Sorry about not blogging for so long. I haven't really had much of a life outside of working and cleaning, etc. Sometimes I go somewhere fun and forget to take my camera. The other day Michael and I stopped in a candy store that he had read about. It's called "Sugar, Sugar" but it should have been called "The Baby Boomers Haven for Sweets". It's a little hole in the wall in Uptown run by a woman eauntrepreneur selling candy that you can't find at your local Walgreens. Stuff like Satellite Saucers, Lik-M-aid, those little wax bottles with an unknown colored sugar substance in them, Clark Bars and my favorite, licorice. I'm talking the hard stuff (again not the stuff you buy at Walgreens). She had 5 different kinds of licorice, most of it not twisted! It was a fun time just talking with her.I figured with the economy the way it is she was taking a big risk with her little store but she said for the most part people still love sweets even though times are tough. I think that is why Shirley Temple was such a hit during the depression. Helps you forget you are struggling.

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