Saturday, February 6, 2010

Never judge a book by its cover

Haven't really thought about what to blog about for awhile. so much is going on here with M traveling so thought I would muse about a past event that stands out for me. When I was a kid I had always wanted to marry a cattle rancher so I could live in the great outdoors. I loved horses and went horseback riding every Sunday after church without fail. I couldn't imagine a better life. Anyway, my folks decided to visit some friends of theirs that lived in an upscale suburb of the Twin Cities. I didn't want to go since I thought it would be alot of sitting around listening to the adults talk. They had 3 children so I figured that would help even though I was extremely shy as a child. Anyway, I was in seventh-heaven. Their kids were friendly, their house was like a mansion, and most of all they owned 3 horses. I will never forget that beautiful fall afternoon getting to ride their horses and have so much fun with their family. I thought these kids are soooo lucky to have this wonderful life in a gorgeous house in a beautiful area of town PLUS horses. To my 11 year old mind they were rich. Little did I know that their father was an alcoholic and a number of years later lost everything that I was enjoying that one particular day. After growing up his children had him committed to an alcoholic residential facility and he eventually died from his drinking habit. Looking back on it after I became an adult I realized that my life wasn't so bad.

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grandma s said...

My dear friend Christine....I don't tell you enough how much I appreciate how you express your thoughts, you are so talented! The photos are awesome also. Thank you so very much for sharing. Kathy S.