Friday, July 3, 2009

Music in Moline

Michael called me from work Wednesday and asked if I wanted to do an overnight in Moline, Illinois. I actually wanted to stay home and clean my house but decided maybe I needed a break. Moline for me is not a very exciting place as opposed to what Michael sees it as which is close to a day in Chicago. He keeps telling me there is lots to do but I can't find it. Hoping to some day as I know a return trip is definitely in my future as long as I stay married to the man. Anyway, we did find a Blu's Festival down on the Mississippi riverfront with lots of venders and lots of music. We had a pork tenderloin sandwich and sat by the river watching boats float by enjoying a free concert (it cost us $5.00 to get through the gate). The Guardian Angels were there (remember them, Minneapolis?)keeping order along with some police. We decided to try and walk back to the hotel, made it about 3 miles until my feet gave out and called them to send the van to pick us up (thank God for cell phones). I was getting nervous anyway after a giant slushy container was pitched at us from a moving car going in the opposite direction. Fortunately they missed. Nothing is greater than soaking in a hot tub after a day like that which is exactly what I did.

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