Saturday, June 6, 2009

There's More to Shakopee than Valleyfair

Michael and I have put a number of miles so far this year biking around the metro area. Two weeks ago it was a trail in Hopkins that leads to Excelsior. It is one of my favorite trails because of the scenery with all the boats and Lake Minnetonka shoreline. We went approximately 22 miles, a bit of a stretch for me this early in the summer but still fun. This past week we tried out a trail just west of Valleyfair in Shakopee. Very lovely and rustic. It led us to a small area in the old part of Chaska. Only 12 miles but very enjoyable with low riding hills. Ran across a number of people out that day including some very friendly teens. We don't run into many young people riding the trails possibly due to the ability to get one's license at 16 in Minnesota. I was glad to see them out exercising their bodies free of charge rather than emptying their wallets at Valleyfair. Outside of some interesting flowers, I took a picture of some wetlands on the southside.

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Anonymous said...

The ride to Hopkins sounds like a wonderful trip. My wifes sister is moving up to area but not sure yet where. So mabe we can bring our bikes up and ride this with ya one day. If you ever drive down sometime bring your bike and we will go for some ride down here also. be sure and check out my sons web sigh i posted on the other post and see where we are gonna ride next and you can keep track of your milage there also. charlie