Sunday, June 14, 2009

"B" does not always stand for "blog"

We took our weekly bike trip with Dan and Mary to St. Paul covering 17 miles this time. Wouldn't recommend this trail if you don't like hills and bumps. Very woodsy, though. At one point we were surrounded by (I'm sure) 100 yr-old trees. They were so H U G E! The trail followed along the river and ended up in downtown St. Paul across from the Science Museum (the state capital is behind us) for our destination and snack and rest time. After returning to our cars we hooked the bikes back up and walked down to the river front and watched the river boats travel by (notice Fort Snelling up on the bluff) while we skipped stones and talked about our next bike adventure!


grandma s said...

Christine and Michael...WOW!!! That is so cool how you folks bike all over the is such a great city with so many great areas to bike and so much to enjoy. I so enjoy your blog Christine, photos but especiaally your writing. Kathy s

Anonymous said...

Hey christine& Michel. Like the storys about your bike riding. Its gonna be in the 90s here today with some storms also so i better get out and get my riding done before it hits. My son Gary has a web sight for our local riding group here so ya mite check it out>><< It shows some pictures of some of the rides and riders and has a log for us to keep track of our mile that we put in. Glad michael told me you had posted some about your bike riding excursions. charlie