Sunday, November 2, 2008

Who ever heard of Dickerson?

If you ever have missed hearing the UWEC - Blugold Marching Band you have missed alot. To answer the question, Randal Dickerson is the director of the one of the most active marching bands in the upper Midwest. They have a unique and highly energetic marching style, their music is not your standard band music but songs arranged by not only Dickerson but band members as well. With a total enrollment of 232 members (when he came in 2000 there were only 60 members in the band) the Blugold Marching Band is America's largest NCAA D3 marching band. Just returning from UWEC to see Karen perform with the band was something worth the 2 hour drive. Playing drums in my college marching band made it even more enjoyable for me personally, even though my experience doesn't even come close to the experience that Karen has had over the last 3 years. Thanks Karen for a great afternoon of a truly remarkable marching band led by a truly gifted director.
This is just the drumline when they performed at the close of the High School Band competitions held at the Metrodome this past October. Karen is 2nd in from the right on cymbals.

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