Friday, June 6, 2014

Re-using, Recycling and Enjoying!

Our neighborhood is famous for discarding completely usable stuff. I always try to give away or send to the Goodwill reusable items that I no longer need rather than discard stuff to a city dumping area; esp stuff that never turns into anything usable as it breaks down or doesn't. Many times they will put "free" signs on them so if I can use it or know someone that can, I take it home, clean it up and recycle it myself. Over the last year I have reused discarded Adirondack chairs including pads (from another discard), used for a backyard bridal party for my daughter in law,  globes that I took off of a chandelier (most of mine were missing), a small cushioned chair  that we used for a number of years and got passed on to my children for their apartment use, a cat carrier that I donated to the Humane Society, a car seat, and a child's picnic table. All these items have been repurposed and have served me well. Especially the car seat so that my son and his wife don't have to bring there's for me to use when I want to take Aiden somewhere in my car. Today's post was inspired by a little neighbor boy of whom I gave the child's picnic table.

My computer room overlooks their backyard and I happen to look out to see 4-yr-old John (name changed to protect the innocent) sitting and playing on it. John is a quiet little boy who enjoys painting and in his mind, inventing "things" with sand and dirt and little boy "stuff". I knew when I passed it over the fence it would be just the thing for him. His brother however is into sports at the ripe old age of two. He has a child's basketball hoop his folks bought him, loves to throw rocks over the fence at me while I sit in my backyard hoping for a few quiet moments with my favorite novel. He is soon to obtain my T-ball stand that has resided in my garage for a number of years that my own children loved and used. A virtual peace offering just for him.

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