Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall trip

Went on the annual fall trip this past weekend. Same old, same old except we found a new place that was soooo much better than the others. Plan on hitting it next year. They also had the rare raspberry turnovers (everything is apple this or apple that) so Michael was in "heaven". Lots of color amid the orchards and farmers markets. Pecks is an annual event. They have everything and every year it seems they add more stuff; train rides, live animals, play area and tons of candy, cheese curds, popcorn and of course, apples of every size, shape and variety, not to mention cabbage.

cabbage at $3.00 a piece

Couldn't get but one or two pictures since no one would cooperate. Found a cardboard stand in Westby, Wisconsin where you stick your head through and pretend your Ole and Ingrid but no one wanted to be a fool for me (I guess just a fool for Christ). Anyway I have to admit it was kind of fun especially since Venessa and David joined us on the trip and I didn't have to drive for most of it since David helped while he pointed out all the deer stands he could find along the way.

Pecks Farm

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