Sunday, July 14, 2013

One Left to Go

A symbol of unity by combining ingredients in each vase

Daniel got married today. It was enjoyable even though tremendously difficult from a physical standpoint. Michael started cooking for the grooms dinner and wedding reception 3 days prior. I thought I was working in a restaurant; stir this, grind this, zest this, peel this, etc. He had tripled all the recipes and we went at it. Everything turned out in the end. Even James came from West Virginia to be in the wedding. (on the left of the picture at the bottom).

Aiden (Hannah's boy) as ring bearer and Emily (a cousin) as flower girl

Lovely day, lovely bride, handsome groom and lots of friends and relatives. At the end of the day we loaded up the car to the hilt and drove home. I admit I shed a few tears watching time move swiftly forward and my youngest boy turn into a married man. I was so proud of him esp when he told me that he knew that dad and I had sacrificed so much the past week to make the wedding a cherished event that he wasn't expecting a gift from us because we had already given our "all".

Presenting the married couple

He was also very proud of Hannah as were we with her ability and time spent organizing, planning, ordering and working so hard to make everything non-food related come together.

Long-time friends from his childhood

As I write this they are on their way to Wisconsin Dells to enjoy a few days swimming and relaxing. the weather is cooperating as well as our temps should reach the high 80s.
Have a good time Daniel and don't be a stranger.  :)  Love, Mom

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